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Travel the World and find freedom from the 9-5.

From rat race to living in paradise, learn why being a nomad is on the rise.

Guidance on starting your very own Entrepreneurship Journey.

Achieve the kind of financial freedom that lets you live life on your own terms.

Learn how to be well-traveled before you even begin.

Discover how nomads travel the world without breaking the bank.

Key Topics


Unlock the secrets to keeping more money and building wealth in the digital nomad lifestyle.

Nomad Mindset

Learn steps to successfully become a digital nomad

Live & Work Remotely

Design your life on your terms – live and work remotely with purpose and freedom.

Travel Tips

Stay longer, travel smarter - Start your journey with practical travel tips

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Strategies for effective global entrepreneurship.

About the Author

Melchor is an accomplished author, software engineer, and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

In addition to his professional achievements, Melchor embraces a dynamic lifestyle alongside his wife April. Together, they travel full time around the world while creating different business ventures.

Melchor Tatlonghari
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