Malta Golden Visa

Melchor Tatlonghari

The Pathway to EU Citizenship: Malta Golden Visa Explained

The Malta Golden Visa program is a gateway to European Union (EU) citizenship for affluent individuals seeking investment opportunities abroad. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of the Malta Golden Visa, highlighting its two distinct programs leading to either citizenship or permanent residence.

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Understanding Malta Golden Visa

The Malta Golden Visa offers two distinct pathways, each catering to different residency and citizenship aspirations:

  1. Citizenship by Investment Program: Grants Maltese citizenship in exchange for a substantial investment in a government-approved national fund.
  2. Permanent Residency Program: Offers a Malta residence card, providing a pathway to long-term residency.

Who Can Apply for a Malta Golden Visa?

Eligibility for the Malta Golden Visa is contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Adult age (over 18)
  • Adequate investment funds
  • Financial capability to support oneself and family without relying on social assistance
  • Clean criminal record and no involvement in ongoing criminal investigations

For a thorough assessment of eligibility, consulting expert agencies like La Vida – Golden Visas is recommended. Their experienced advisors analyze individual backgrounds, financial standings, and familial structures to determine suitability for the Malta Golden Visa scheme.

Citizenship by Investment in Malta Program

The Citizenship by Investment Program in Malta presents two avenues to attain citizenship based on the level of investment:

  1. One-Year Citizenship Path: Requires an investment of at least €750,000 in the national development fund, leading to citizenship in one year.
  2. Three-Year Citizenship Path: Involves an investment of €600,000 in the national fund, resulting in citizenship after three years.

Both paths necessitate residency in Malta during the investment period and entail real estate investments.

One-Year Citizenship Program Requirements

To qualify for citizenship in one year, the following investments are mandatory:

  • Minimum €750,000 investment in the national development fund
  • Additional €50,000 per family member
  • Charitable donation of at least €10,000
  • Real estate investment of at least €700,000 or a rental commitment for five years

Three-Year Citizenship Program Requirements

For citizenship in three years, the following investments are required:

  • Minimum €600,000 investment in the national development fund
  • Additional €50,000 per accompanying family member
  • Charitable donation of €10,000
  • Real estate investment or rental commitment as per program guidelines

Malta Permanent Residency by Investment Program

The Malta Permanent Residency Program offers a pathway to long-term residency without immediate citizenship acquisition.

Permanent Residency Requirements

To obtain permanent residency in Malta through investment, the following criteria must be met:

  • Minimum investment in a government-approved fund
  • Charitable donation to a registered NGO
  • Rental agreement for the stipulated duration

Permanent residency holders are not obligated to reside in Malta continuously.

Malta Golden Visa Application Steps

Navigating the Malta Golden Visa application involves several sequential stages:

  1. Investment: Collaborate with financial and immigration professionals to select a suitable investment fund.
  2. Visa Application: Apply for the Golden Visa at the Residency Malta Agency, acquiring initial residence permits for settling in Malta.
  3. Eligibility Assessment: Within 12 months, assess eligibility for citizenship at the Department for Citizenship and Expatriates Affairs.
  4. Citizenship Application: After meeting residency requirements, apply for citizenship through the designated authority.

Expert agencies like La Vida – Golden Visas offer invaluable support throughout the application process.

Documents Required for a Malta Golden Visa Application

Essential documents for a Malta Golden Visa application include:

  • Passports for all family members
  • Biometric information
  • Financial proof and source documentation
  • Marriage, birth, divorce certificates as applicable
  • Medical reports and criminal background checks
  • Additional documents based on individual circumstances

Benefits of the Malta Golden Visa

Securing a Malta Golden Visa unlocks a multitude of advantages:

  • Access to the EU open market for residence, work, and investment
  • Visa-free travel to over 185 countries worldwide
  • Favorable tax rates for business endeavors in Malta
  • World-class healthcare services
  • Mediterranean climate and lifestyle

Bringing Family Members and Traveling in Europe

The Malta Golden Visa extends to family members, allowing inclusion of partners, children, parents, and grandparents. Visa-free travel within the EU is facilitated, and eventual EU citizenship permits seamless mobility and work opportunities across EU countries.

Health Insurance and Dual Citizenship

Health insurance is mandatory during the visa application phase, transitioning to national health insurance upon obtaining citizenship or permanent residency. Malta permits dual citizenship, allowing individuals to retain their original nationality alongside Maltese citizenship, provided their country of origin permits dual citizenship.

Maintaining Your Malta Golden Visa

Compliance with investment commitments, legal obligations, and maintaining residency requirements ensures the continuity of the Malta Golden Visa status. Failure to adhere to program regulations may lead to visa revocation.


The Malta Golden Visa presents an unparalleled opportunity for investors and aspirants seeking EU citizenship or long-term residency. With strategic investments, meticulous planning, and professional guidance, attaining a Malta Golden Visa opens doors to a prosperous future in Europe.