Travel Hacks 2024

Melchor Tatlonghari

Monthly Discounts in Airbnb

Most of the time in Airbnbs, they have substantial discounts if you stay for 28 days or more. When I say substantial, I mean up to almost 50%, including Superhosts and Guest Favorites categories. This is one of those few life hacks that does not get enough attention. Instead of trying to pinch pennies and staying for a measly 7 days with almost the same rates, just go all in and stay the whole month. Don’t believe me? Below are the rates for the same place. 7 days costs compared to 30 days costs for the same place.

7 Days30 days
7 days cost almost 50% of a 30-day stay in an Airbnb.One-month cost for staying at the same place!
7 days cost almost 50% of a 30-day stay in an Airbnb.One-month cost for staying at the same place!

Don’t Lose Money on Exchange Rates — Wise Up

In today’s modern world, we’ve seen several advances on various parts of technology. One notable note that most people don’t realise is the need to change currencies from one country to another. There several companies today that are specifically aimed at solving that problem. Wise is one of them. Essentially, you can order a card from Wise and be able to use it anywhere in the world with almost exactly the same exchange rates you see on the internet. You can easily add money to it online and everything is just a breeze. I remember dreading about how much I’m losing every time I change currencies with all the fees and unfair exchange rates. Those days are long gone.

Wise Up

Global Simcards and Internet plans — Airalo

Today is indeed one of the best times to go travel around the world, even the problems of just staying online has been solved. Initially, we would always have to get a simcard on each country we went, doing the hassle of changing sim cards and paying for tourist data plans, just so we don’t get lost in a completely foreign country. With Airalo, you can stay online in 200+ countries without having to buy a physical sim. The installation is quite simple and you just need to download their app, and it install the eSim in your smart phone (Most phone nowadays are eSim compatible). You then have choice of which plan to get, it varies from just $7 for a couple of days all the way to $30 for unlimited data plan anywhere in the world. This saves alot of hassle about thinking of internet when going to another country, you can easily just top up the data plan online as well. Again, everything done in their app. If you are still changing sim cards, and paying three times for data plans, you need to check out Airalo.

alt text PS: I am in no shape or form associated with Wise or Airalo, I just like using the service and have been using them in our world travels, which we document in our Youtube Channel. Thank you for reading and Safe Travels!

Golden Visa Book

Golden Visa, is a book I wrote that explores the intersection of entrepreneurship, global citizenship, and the nomadic lifestyle. This book provides invaluable insights and practical advice for individuals looking to embrace a new way of living and doing business in today’s rapidly changing world.

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